Aims To Confection

Aims Her Way was the beginning of my food blog journey. A home baker & cook receiving compliments and recipe requests ~ I thought blogging was a great way to share delicious ideas 😋 + funny kitchen tales from past experience. I recall brainstorming possible blog names with a former colleague ….4 years ago. Unfortunately, the name was not pertaining to food 😄 a kitchen mess or anything close to muffin crumbs. Lol! Live, learn & still learning!

I’ve known for awhile my blog name needed a change. The “A” instantly caught my attention 😃 it’s so similar to my signature.

Another step in the right direction! I was reminded progress •vs• perfection. It’s the truth ….Even slow snail 🐌 steps count : )

I am grateful for your following and support! You can also follow me @aimstoconfection ~ have a great day! Be Awesome! Stay Safe 💓💗

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