Breakfast Charcuterie

Breakfast goals! Mini pumpkin shaped pancakes, baked french toast sticks, fresh fruit & my semi-candy corn waffle resemblance 😉☀️

Where are my breakfast & brunch lovers? Inspired by the Food Network to make candy corn waffles. The color dyed batter is spooned separately into the waffle iron to create the cute candy corn appearance ….I forgot to purchase white chocolate to dip the tops 😬 The delicious dunk-able French toast sticks are baked with cinnamon, vanilla & sugar. I made everything except the granola… it’s on my list though : )

A fun idea for weekend brunch or holiday gatherings! I hope you have a good & safe day. Thank you for following ☀️🧡🥞 #breakfastgoals

Baked French Toast Sticks by Cooking Classy

Candy Corn Waffles by Food Network

Perfect Whipped Cream by Add A Pinch

Mini Pumpkin Pancake/Waffle Maker from Crate and Barrel


6 thoughts on “Breakfast Charcuterie

  1. Breakfast charcuterie?! What a FANTASTIC idea!!! We have a home on the lake and every summer, visitors descend upon us in droves! It isnt uncommon for groups of 15 or more to arrive and as you may imagine, meals can become a full time job for me, even planning them and trying to guess what everyone would like. This idea is fabulous! I can throw it all out there and everyone gets to choose what they prefer and sample different things. Perfect for a brunch with a milk bar for kids and mimosa bar for adults!
    Wish I had thought of this idea and way sooner but next year will be a breeze!

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  2. I’m with @Laura – this is a terrific idea! I wish I had thought of it, too. We have a charcuterie plate for dinner almost every Friday night, but I had never thought of this for breakfast. What a way to do a holiday breakfast (if we ever have big holidays again…).

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