Baking Sense

Creativity helps happiness! Bakers, bake on : ) 

I cook frequently however, baking is my passion. The super sweet aroma fills my home and the outcome is even sweeter. Most of my delicious desserts are shared with others. A colleague recently said, “It makes you feel good”. The answer is, yes! Let’s be honest, food brings people together. I always appreciate positive feedback and yummy noises. I consider it a happiness habit boost while others consider it people pleasing. We enjoy sharing happy moments, if that happens to be a carrot cake cupcake then we both win. 

Baking, cooking, writing & painting are just a few healthy habits. Did you know cooking and/or baking relieves stress, anxiety, enhances mindfulness, satisfying end results, improves mentality and mood. Anyone can cook — start with easy recipes so it doesn’t create anxiety. Focus, be in the moment and voila! A simple home cooked meal. 

Baking has been my therapy for years. It’s calming! I enjoy it! It makes me happy! Baking is my self expression. Cognitive thinking, our minds are powerful! I started a daily gratitude journal awhile ago and found acknowledging gratitude for simple things on a bad day was difficult. Encourage yourself and others to find a healthy outlet. We all have different talents and hobbies we enjoy. Do what makes you happy, be you and bake on #getmybakeon #bakingsense 


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