Food Photography, My Style

My experience with food photography — proper lighting, styling and still learning. Practice and practice some more! I enjoy sharing recipes and appetizing photos…or at least try too.

A high school friend once said and I quote, “It shouldn’t be that hard to take pictures”. Lol! I thought, little does he know. Left: his wing Right: my Super Bowl wing.

As a beginner looking back, noticeable photo flaws plus yucky yellow lighting. What was I thinking!? Viewers cannot smell the wonderful aroma or take an unforgettable bite. Food should be appealing to the eye! 

I’ve been inspired by several IG food blogs, WordPress and YouTube videos. Very grateful to learn helpful tips and suggestions. Find myself more mindful after taking a few snaps, deciding which photos look okay -vs- really good. Three years ago, a photo I “thought” looked good was quickly posted. Present day, take a step back and think this could be better. What I’ve learned so far…

  1. Try different angles. Every dish is not the same.  Hint: it’s helpful to take a few shots with the food placed in different positions.
  2. Props are fun. I’m always looking for props. Adore wooden accents! A few of my blogs include seasonal decor & farmhouse style (bourbon pecan pie photo; carrot cake cupcakes). Have fun with props. Example: plants, flatware, utensils, baking trays, kitchen textile, ingredients
  3.  Natural light is the key! It makes a huge difference. Note: Bright sun may cause shadows. 
  4. It’s okay to edit. Colors have an impact. Use brightness, contrast, sharpness… gives your photo an extra pop!
  5. Background. I purchased 2 cardboard pieces from Michael’s. It’s my understanding, background drops are expensive. 
  6.  Arrange your food in a neat or unique way to create balance. 
  7. Visualize and Be creative! 

Below is a brunch photo, Shakshuka from 2017. 

2019, Chicken & Dumplings


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